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Everything I know about Vittorazi Easy 100 paramotor

All information available on Vittorazi Easy 100 paramotor engine. Bearings, gasket sizes and conservation considerations.

My first and so far the only paramotor engine is Vittorazi Easy 100 assembled with skeleton from Fly Products. I bought it used and been flying it more or less successfully for over two years. Encountering some problems I tried to find solutions on the internet, but the community of the owners of these engines is almost no-existent. The available information is scarce and scattered so I decided to gather everything I know and write it down; some needy soul might find it usable.

So called Fly 100 engines have several versions:

Available documents

I gathered here all documents about these engines available on the Internet. I won’t repeat information contained in them, browse them first then read this post.


Replacement gaskets can be cut from sheets of gasket material. I measured the thickness of some gaskets. The names mentioned below match the names in parts list document.

Part name Thickness
cylinder gasket 0.3 mm
carter gasket 0.5 mm
carburettor gasket 1 mm

Bearings and seals

All of these are standard components and can be replaced by parts obtained in any mechanics shop. I provide the components originally mounted by Vittorazi for reference.


Magneto coils

No visible markings. I was told by the dealer that this very same coil is used in some Polini and Simonini paramotors. The coil has two windings - the one wound with thick wire is for battery charger, the one covered in black insulation tape is for driving the ignition module. In my case the ignition winding was partially shorted, causing erratic ignitions. Healthy coil has following resistances:

Coil: Resistance:
Ignition 290 Ω
Charging 0.8 Ω

Magneto rotor IDM F141

Magneto coil mount IDM P 164

Ignition module IDM 54 2523


Original piston has following markings: ASSO 2167. I haven’t been able to find replacement piston, so I bought genuine replacement, including rings, pin and clips, at dealer’s shop. This one is manufactured by Meteor. The label says:

Ring S0500010021030KB2249
Pin SP140420090H
Clips AN0B1410

Piston pin

Dimensions: length 41.5 mm, diameter 14 mm.

Piston ring 50 x 1 mm, chromed

No further information.


Original cylinder has no markings. I heard some rumours that it’s possible to adapt cylinder from some Peugeot scooter, but I didn’t manage to find matching cylinder at Peugeot’s dealer. Replacement cylinder has CLN: 000481 written on it.