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Replacing broken Kobo Mini e-ink display

E-ink display in my BlueFly vario got broken for some reason, it showed stripes on half of the screen. I decided to replace the display. First, I opened it up to make sure I would order an appropriate model.

Remove the cover and unplug the battery connector then unplug the display:

Unscrew four screws holding the PCB. Move the board aside:

Unscrew four screws joining magnesium frame to the plastic bezel. Remove the frame with the display. The display is glued to the frame by two stripes of double side tape. Use kitchen knife to gently separate them, as shown in the picture:

The original display had following markings on it:

ED050SC3(LF) H1 EMN50A5011(B144)

The exact type is ED050SC3. I bought mine on AliExpress for $15. The new display is protected by the transparent adhesive tape, remember to remove it before the assembly.